12 Best Microphones for Youtube Vlogging

vlogging microphones

Vlogging is a new cool these days. The act of sharing a video story has increased in the last few years. Budding vloggers are using several mediums like podcasts, YouTube channels, webinars, and even Facebook live to popularize this new trend of vlogging. However, it is just not an easy task to create a vlog or a video story. It requires a lot of investment along with proper knowledge about gears and equipment to be used for vlogging.

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10 Best Video Cameras Under $1000

Best Video Cameras Under 1000

This is a special article. If you’re into making films, and we’re talking about movies with plot, a storyboard, cinematography, you are definitely looking at the right article. Not only are these cameras in HD, but they also have their place in digital filmmaking as well. If your purpose is to create a short film or a music video, you will need a very dependable video camera.

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8 Best Video Cameras for Sports

Most sports enthusiasts would agree that the best way to capture events and exciting moments is with the use of an action camera. These sturdy video cameras are compact, easy to carry, and packed with all the features necessary for making high-quality videos. Extreme sports athletes especially find these cameras useful particularly those that can be attached to helmets, belts, or sports gear.

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