8 Best Video Cameras for Sports

Most sports enthusiasts would agree that the best way to capture events and exciting moments is with the use of an action camera. These sturdy video cameras are compact, easy to carry, and packed with all the features necessary for making high-quality videos. Extreme sports athletes especially find these cameras useful particularly those that can be attached to helmets, belts, or sports gear.

If you’re looking for the perfect video camera to document your sports activities, these are the top units worth your investment.

8 Best Video Cameras for Filming Sports

1. Canon Vixia HF R62

The Canon Vixia HF R62 is an excellent video camera, with an even more attractive budget-friendly price. Images are of top quality thanks to the 3.28 Megapixel, Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, and SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer for unsteady shots. The 3-inch touchscreen provides a clear and easy to operate the display. Also included is a 32x Optical Zoom Lens. The battery life of the Vixia HF R62 is longer compared to other similar models as well, plus its Wi-Fi capable.

2. Drift Ghost-S HD

If you’re looking for something with longer battery life and an excellent screen for a great view, the Drift Ghost-S HD is ideal. It’s completely waterproof up to 9.7 feet, with no need for a case; and for convenience, it even has a remote so you can control it from a distance. The video resolution of 1080p produces decent quality videos. One of the best features of this videocam is Drift’s trademark swiveling lens so you can mount the camera at different angles. The main issue with this videocam though is that it’s quite heavy.

3. Garmin VIRB Elite

A heavy-duty video camera with outstanding image quality is very handy to have for filming games or adventures and the Garmin VIRB Elite certainly meets those criteria. You can’t go wrong with its 1080p and 720p video resolution and 16 Megapixels image quality. Thanks to its 1.4 inches LCD panel and a slide switch for recording, it’s also easy enough to figure out and use. Without its case, it’s still marginally waterproof up to 1m.

4. GoPro Hero4

Always the leader among action cams, the GoPro line is of first-class quality including the GoPro Hero4 model with its 4K video. The videos and images have superb resolution with a 1080p option for videos and 12 Megapixels for stills. Both amateur and professional filmmakers will be delighted with the numerous video quality settings. This videocam is tough and hard-wearing and once mounted, you’ve no need to worry as it’s quite steady and holds up wonderfully.


Though they’re not a very well-known brand for action cams, JVC managed to exceed expectations with their JVC GC-XA1. It’s one of the most durable video cams among its peers as it’s built to withstand unfavorable conditions. It’s also suitably waterproof even without the case, up to 16.4 feet. The 1.5-inch LCD screen makes operation and navigation quick and easy and the Wi-Fi feature gives you the option to control the videocam remotely. Video resolution is quite good as well at 1080p HD and with optical image stabilization.

6. Panasonic HX-A500E

From a brand that has established itself as a manufacturer of quality technology comes the Panasonic HX-A500E, a distinctive videocam constructed specially for mounting. This model is designed with a camera separate from its control unit but attached together with a cable. It looks like the best way to use it is to mount the camera on your helmet and then fix the unit on your belt. At 4K and 1080p, the video quality can’t be faulted and image resolution is at 8.3 Megapixels. It also has Wi-Fi features and is waterproof until 3m.

7. Sony HDR-AS100V

The Sony HDR-AS100V is a highly recommended video camera for its durability and resistance to shock, dust, and water (up to 16.5 feet) thanks to its sturdy case. It’s sleek and elegant and doesn’t weigh much, perfect for traveling. Video quality is brilliant due to its 1080p resolution, wide-angle lens, and SteadyShot image stabilization. This videocam can also be manipulated from afar via Wi-Fi and the controls are not that hard to master.

8. Toshiba Camileo X-Sports

Another reasonably priced action camera with excellent quality features is the Toshiba Camileo X-Sports. With its 60m waterproof and 1.5m shockproof features, it’s an excellently built camera that can withstand a lot. Video resolution is also impressive at 1080p as well as the 12 Megapixels images. There’s an LCD screen to make adjusting the settings easier; however, some users have remarked that the controls can be a little tricky to manage. Aside from that, this video cam has a Wi-Fi feature and remote control which you wear on your wrist.


Action cams make a great addition to your sports equipment and there are none better than the products we’ve listed here. When deciding on which action camera to purchase, just make sure to consider important features like the weight, video resolution, and the camera’s durability. You might also want to look at the Wi-Fi feature, battery life, and any accessories.