12 Best Microphones for Youtube Vlogging

Vlogging is a new cool these days. The act of sharing a video story has increased in the last few years. Budding vloggers are using several mediums like podcasts, YouTube channels, webinars, and even Facebook live to popularize this new trend of vlogging. However, it is just not an easy task to create a vlog or a video story. It requires a lot of investment along with proper knowledge about gears and equipment to be used for vlogging.

Just as the vlogging camera is important, other equipment is equally vital too. So it requires efficient choosing. Microphones are one such equipment that needs to be selected with proper care for a smooth audio quality. YouTube videos are quite popular these days. Vloggers are frequently using YouTube as a medium for sharing their video story. In such a case a good microphone becomes a necessity. Here is a list of best microphones that you may use for your video story.

Top Microphones for Vlogging

1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Blue Yeti USB microphone is the professional USB microphone that produces amazing recordings. This microphone makes use of Tri capsule technology to create crystal clear recordings. The microphone features pattern selection, instant mute, and headphone volume controls. This microphone does the work of several microphones as it can record all kinds of videos whether podcast or recording vocals or instrumental music or even recording interviews. It has a great feature called plug and plays. The Tri capsule can handle any kind of video well. The microphone features four pattern modes for different kinds of video recording. The first one being stereo mode, it can record real-time audio. The cardioid mode can be used while shooting vocals or podcasts. It captures the sound from the source directly before the microphone. The Omni directional mode captures the sound from all directions, better used for live performances. The bidirectional mode picks up the sound from the front and the back of the microphone and is generally used while shooting interviews between two people.

The Blue Yeti microphone has been chosen as the ultimate for reasons more than one. This microphone allows you to customize all the levels of recording as you wish. You can use the instant mute button to pause your recording or you may even have a pattern selection option or you may simply adjust the sensitivity of the microphone. The microphone has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The design has a vintage retro look which is built on a hinge for adjusting purpose. The microphone is absolutely portable and versatile to be used for all purposes. More so, the device is extremely user-friendly having no complications at all.

Blue Yeti comes around the price of $119. The blue snowball USB mic is equally good but if you are willing to spend a bit more then go for the Blue Yeti that offers you a higher quality of the audio and sound profile.

2. Audio Technica AT2020

Audio Technica AT2020 is a very good product that offers an excellent service. The microphone uses a great studio condenser technology. The microphone features extended frequency response and amazing transient response. The microphone also comes with a great SPL handling and wide dynamic range. Its cardioid polar pattern eliminates the entry of unnecessary sounds from the surroundings. The microphone has been specially designed to resist any rugged environment. It is also proven as a durable gear. The frequency response of 20 to 20000 hertz gives the microphone an added advantage. Although it has a single cardioid mode, it offers an efficient vlogging experience. This microphone may not be hoarded with many features but it delivers you excessively good sound quality – the main purpose that a microphone should serve. It is exactly the right kind of microphone with lesser features but amazing quality. This microphone is not only great but also cheap. Other microphones may come with higher features but this one is way cheaper with great quality than most of them. The microphone has a nice design and therefore it is perfect to look at.

This microphone is just $99. This microphone is commendable for beginners who want to shoot their YouTube videos. They generally want to invest less and acquire more. Therefore this microphone with mind-blowing audio serves you the best.

3. Rode NT 1-A

Rode NT1-A

Rode NT 1-A is a redesigned version of Rode NT 1. This newly designed model comes with a premium shock mount, 6m XLR cable, integrated pop filter, and an instructional DVD. The microphone features high SPL capacity, wide dynamic range, and crystal clear sound quality. It has a pressure gradient acoustic principle. It also has a cardioid polar pattern with the self-noise of 5 dBA. This feature makes it perfect for being a vocal microphone or for being used as a microphone that records instrumental covers. It is also considered the world’s quietest microphone that can be used in the studio. The circuitry is a transformerless surface mount, one that is ultra-low noise facilitated.

With 10 years of warranty, Rode claims to offer you a microphone with a complete vocal recording facility. Its large 1-inch capsule that has been equipped with a gold plated diaphragm is praiseworthy. YouTube vloggers often go for this one because it does not create even a hissing sound from the background being featured with a self-noise of 5 dBA as earlier stated. This is a perfect studio recording microphone out of the lot. It gives you some of the professional experiences unlike most other expensive microphones in the market.

Rode NT 1-A appears at a price of $229. The price is worth the features. The microphone has the capacity to record some of the serene audio clips for you. So do not hesitate to buy this for your YouTube video recording session.

4. Razer Seiren Pro Elite

If you want to gift your viewers a mind-boggling clarity of sound, the  Razer Seiren Pro Elite is certainly your product. This microphone can best serve for interviews, voice-overs, or acoustics. It proves its versatility with a multi-pattern XLR and USB digital microphone.
The device uses a 14mm condenser capsule, a built-in headphone amplifier, and 3.5-millimeter headphone jack output. The XLR in the device makes it possible to connect to many microphones to a single audio interface. It does not require an extra mic stand since it has an aluminum base stabilizer to support the mic wherever you want it to be.

The microphone supports 4 recording modes to shoot any style of video. The four modes being stereo, cardioid, bidirectional, and omnidirectional. It can smoothly switch from one mode to another in no time. The zero-latency monitoring that is incorporated in the system can precisely monitor the recordings. This microphone can produce exactly the sound that you want your viewers to get. It also features some of the add on features to adjust headphone volume and control mic gain. The recording gets clearer due to the high pass filter in the microphone. It eliminates all kinds of hissing and humming from the surroundings. The shock mount is designed in a way to eliminate any kind of vibration. The pop filter accompanied by the shock mount breeds unparalleled results and the video will acquire a new dimension with this great audio profile. The high definition recording is very ‘rare’ but this microphone offers you exceptional features with world-class quality.

You can buy this microphone for $249. The expense won’t seem much once you start getting benefited by this outstanding product.

5. Audio Technica AT2035

Audio Technica AT2035 is a choice many YouTube vloggers go with. It can enable vloggers to get a studio-like feel. The microphone has a large-diaphragm condenser. The cardioid condenser is capable of delivering a detailed and intricate audio quality. The microphone features a cardioid polar pattern that eliminates the possibility of catching surrounding noises. It has an 80 Hz high pass filter with a 10 dB pad. The design of this microphone is sturdy to withstand all kinds of rough usages. The model is also equipped with an effective shock mount. The high sound pressure levels are also quite diligently dealt with by the microphone. The sound isolation of this microphone is incredible and that is what makes it a favorite gear for the YouTube vloggers. This microphone can be suggested to professionals as well as newbies. Podcasts can be recorded amazingly well with this kind of microphone. It has been stated by many of its users that they do not want to return to their previous models or opt for anything new after trying Audio Technica AT2035.

With the price of $49 this microphone often seems to steal the heart of vloggers. A very wise decision would it be to go for this brilliantly designed microphone for your YouTube videos.

6. Samson Go Mic

Samson Go Mic is a portable and compact USB microphone. Unlike traditional USB microphones, Samson Go Mic features a condenser microphone with Plug n’ Play option. The microphone can be used for podcasts, field recording, or music videos. It can well be suited for a range of other things like VOIP, ichat, voice recognition, and webcasting. It features cardioid and Omnidirectional mode that is switchable. It provides zero-latency monitoring, Samson sound deck noise cancellation software, and a frequency response of 20 Hz-18 kHz.

Go Mic is said to produce crisp clear sound quality. The varied mode helps you to shoot anything and anywhere. For podcasts, you can rely on cardioid mode whereas while shooting webcasts or a talk show with many people in a single area you may switch to Omnidirectional mode. Go Mic is preferred more for its very small size and lightweight. Go Mic records a realistic audio quality and that is why online meetings, interviews, and talk shows are recorded with it to ensure clear and pristine communication. The voice-overs recorded with this microphone is unmistakably good. The audio would sound as perfect as you demand. The microphone can be called a podcast perfectionist by virtue of its awestruck sound quality. All kinds of music or vocals with this microphone sound unbelievably well. This microphone can create wonders to say the least.

The microphone is easily compatible with a PC or Mac. It is in need of no drivers. The microphone comes at a very cheap price of $37. This microphone is handy, user friendly, and compact. This microphone comes of great help especially when you are traveling while vlogging. The piece can be fitted into a wallet thus making it easier for vloggers to carry it around. The price is really attractive and who would not want something this small filled with necessary features.

7. AKG C214

AKG Pro Audio C214

Not many will hear about AKG C214 microphones. It is a rare but most reviewed model and it is really a great one to be used by the YouTube vloggers. This microphone can be seen in any big studio that excels in the recording. This one features C414 XLII sonic character for intricate sound quality. It has an amazing dynamic range and a switchable 20 dB attenuator. It has a bass-cut filter that records close-ups and reduces the proximity effect. The microphone records professional sound that is natural and realistic. This microphone is also very hardy in design to be used anywhere. The product also claims longevity and durability. The noise reduction in the microphone is enabled by a 1″ capsule with an inbuilt suspension. The clarity it provides surpasses all other microphones. The cardioid mode can be best utilized in this microphone. Its fascinating black plate body makes it all the more enchanting. The microphone has an extra-wide diaphragm that can catch all the sounds in front of it. It is one of the highest-rated microphones. It has a price of around $307 and it is totally worth it. The price is rightly quoted keeping in mind the great features it has. YouTube vloggers should invest in it since they shall not be betrayed. Make haste and enhance your videos with it.

8. Blue Snowball USB Mic

The blue snowball USB mic is considered one of the finest among the lot for shooting podcasts, music videos, and live shots. It has a great circuit design with dual Capsule. It also features an adjustable mic stand. This microphone can be used by YouTube vloggers because it produces a clear and crisp sound that indulges no disturbance at all. It has amazing sound capture facilities. The microphone supports three different modes for a variety of recordings. The first mode being Cardioid mode that mainly goes for voice works like podcasts or music videos. In this mode, the sources producing sound has to be placed directly before the microphone. It produces great sound quality. The second mode is Cardioid mode – 10 dB PAD. This is somewhat similar to the earlier model except that it catches the louder sound. The third mode is Omni directional mode where the microphone captures the sound coming from all directions. It is best used for live recordings or talk shows.

The design of this microphone makes it an affable one for YouTube vloggers. The microphone has a classic vintage look with a metal grille and a brushed aluminum frame. The microphone also comes accompanied with a tripod to adjust the microphone in position. The microphone has an LED indicator that shows red whenever the microphone is powered on. The device is user friendly because it is easy to handle it. The system compatibility for the microphone is varied. The microphone comes around the price of $69 and it is one of the highest-rated microphones for YouTube vloggers.

This microphone works best with a webcam and is one of the greatest choices by videographers and YouTube bloggers.

9. Rode Video Shotgun Mic Go

Rode Video Shotgun Mic Go is another great gear that creates magic once attached to your DSLR camera. The microphone has been specially made for consumer video cameras and audio recorders. The microphone eliminates all external disturbances and vibrations. The microphone has got a cardioid polar pattern that clarifies the sound coming from the subject in the camera thus reducing the other noises. The microphone has a compact design and weighs much less and that is an additional advantage to be used by vloggers. The microphone uses a 40Hz – 20kHz response and has a high pass filter that prevents external noise from getting recorded. Live music and interviews can also be recorded well with this microphone since it captures -10dB and -20dB attenuation. The microphone features some of the great specifications like the capsule that reduces noise disturbance and has higher sensitivity. It has also got a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack output. The microphone does not involve a complicated handling procedure. On the rear side of the microphone itself, there are the filter, power, and level controls that can be used by the vlogger. The microphone also comes with an integrated shock mounting facility. It is a condenser microphone with a broadcast recording facility.

The microphone is equipped with a great number of advantages. Firstly it produces a clear, smooth sound. The microphone catches the sound instantly from the source in front of it, thereby eliminating surrounding noises. The microphone has a Rycote Lyre Shock Mount that prevents the occurrence of any vibration that can intervene with the audio. The lyre also comes with an additional facility of acoustic suspension. It has got a windscreen included. The microphone needs no battery and it produces awesome directional audio.

It is a favorite of the YouTube vloggers with its attractive price of $249. The microphone is hoarded with features and its top-class service makes it a great choice to be made.

10. Sony LAV Wireless Mic

Sony LAV Wireless Mic system is another great choice for your YouTube video. It features a varied array of applications. The microphone can be best used for YouTube videos that range between interviews to talk shows. The system has got an Omni Lavaliere microphone, a portable tuner, and a bodypack transmitter. The microphone further has a windshield and a holder clip. This microphone too records all directional audio. These mics are very useful since you “walk” readily near the mic and move freely while shooting the video therefore YouTube vloggers often stick with this system. The system is well equipped with a great many features and merits. The system has an LCD display, USB facilities, automatic channel scanning, Mic/Line switchable input, PLL synthesized tuning, great receiver, headphone output, and full-body metal design. Along with talk shows that YouTube is mainly famous for, the microphone also records good documentaries.

The system has a stereo mini pack output. This is an amazing feature, to say the least. If you try listing down the reasons for actually going for this one then you must see for its diverse reception, the circuitry, the RF output, the visual display, frequency, auto channel scanning, and analog-digital flexibility.

With these very features, the system appears at a price of $600 approximately. Indeed the system appears to be quoted at an expensive range but certainly, the system will provide crisp audio quality with a vast vista of other features. Sony as usual claims durability and longevity in terms of its product and this system is no exception.

11. Roland R-05 WAVE/MP3 Recorder

Roland R-05 WAVE /MP3 recorder is a unique pocket microphone that becomes of great help to the YouTube vloggers by virtue of its small size. It can easily be placed in the pocket and it also does not pop up in the video. This recorder has awesome features that produce mind-blowing audio. It features a top-quality stereo recording somewhat like 24 bit/96 kHz. It also has an inbuilt stereo mic. The design is very sturdy with an alluring exterior body. The recorder has some useful options like auto record, auto level adjust, and auto song split. The recorder has a unique feature of pre-recording as it can record 2 seconds prior to pressing the recording button.

The YouTube vloggers avail this recorder also because of its onboard editing facility. Additionally, the recorder has a tripod mount and a windscreen. The microphone can beat most other recorders with its crisp 24/96 capture quality and advanced recording systems. This recording system is a proven all-rounder and can be used while moving too. The recorder has a rehearsal mode that has the potential of setting an optimum level for recording. It has so many other features like loop playback and speed adjustment. The LCD display is also brilliantly designed in this ultra-modern recording device. It is incorporated with an AA battery which automatically proves its longevity.

Spend $200 and bag this device if you are an active youtube vlogger. It is an assurance that you are going to have an incredible experience with this piece of technological art.

12. Audio Technica AT 875R Line + Gradient Condenser Microphone

Audio Technica AT875R  is a good product with a bunch of specifications. It can catch the sound both from the source near it and the sound coming from a distance. The short length of the microphone makes it the best suitable for the vloggers working with digital cameras. It can be used for recording videos, broadcasting, etc. The microphone reduces the noise disturbance from the surroundings exceedingly well. Along with that, it has a tailored response which generally reduces other noises prone to handle and recordings. The microphone also features a narrow acceptance angle. This feature further helps to catch sounds coming from a distance. This microphone is often opted by YouTube vloggers because of its on-axis audio and off-axis elimination of sound from the surroundings. The microphone can work incredibly well even with low voltage. The microphone features a frequency response of 90-20000 Hz. It also has an open-circuit sensitivity and 11-52 VDC phantom power. This microphone has XLR output connector and this can be connected with any professional camera. Since it has a length of seven inches, it can better be used with smaller video cameras. It can be mounted on a DV camcorder without much hassle on the part of the user. The microphone has been greatly in demand because it captures sound with great intricacy and crispness. YouTube vloggers mainly use this microphone for its versatility to be used in any environment and for any purpose.

The microphone is offered at a price of $169. This much is sure that at this price, you would not get a better offer than this microphone. It is great at its purpose and bundled with these many features. It appears as a viable option for YouTube vloggers. The feature of powering the microphone from the camera becomes of great help to the vloggers as it reduces the hassle of keeping the battery charged. So you can just buy this and make your video better.


While choosing your microphone you have to think in different directions. Whether a USB microphone or a camera microphone. The reason or the type of video you want to shoot or even the budget you have to invest. Along with microphones, gears are also necessary to accompany it like stands and mounts. So the microphone you are to choose should be full-fledged with all possible necessities and specifications. We have provided you with several kinds of microphones in the different budget range. Go through the article and wisely choose your product to further invest in it. Make sure that you choose the superior quality of the microphone for your superior quality of the video.