Announcing: Pill Wonder’s ‘SHY DOGS’ out 3/8/14

shy dogs

Gang, good to see you! Got some big news, another document is on its way. Yes, the long-awaited CS011 is landing in a few weeks. It’s contents contain music from one of our dearest PNW buds, Will Murdoch, aka Pill Wonder. We are near tears and beyond stoked to be presenting this to you! Some words & sounds below…

‘Pill Wonder is the moniker of Seattle-based Will Murdoch. Years removed from his debut Jungle / Surf (Underwater Peoples), Murdoch has emerged from his creative hibernation with his second recorded document, ‘Shy Dogs’. In this new chapter of the Pill Wonder story, Murdoch abandons his guitar pop-confetti roots for the smiling warmth of the modular synthesizer and the pulse of analog drum machines. The collection of compositions found in ‘Shy Dogs’ employ the ostensibly ‘rational’ technology of electronic music as a means of illustrating the irrationality of nature.

In between his periods of creative free time and performance, Murdoch walks dogs, both for work and leisure, informing a recurring theme of his work; the serenity of one’s engagement of the natural world, and communicating with that which cannot be articulated. The nu-pastoralism of ‘Shy Dogs’ evokes an image of Haruomi Hosono’s Yen Records crowd in a creative exchange with Mark Isham’s seminal 80’s works. We at Couple Skate Records are ecstatic to be presenting this document to the world.’