"Faithful" cover art

After a handful of small run cassette releases and 2009’s Audrey 7”, M. Women introduce Faithful, their debut LP. Recorded at a cabin built by McKibben’s great-grandfather near the mountains of Rainier National Park, Faithful’s PNW-induced soundscapes are captured by engineer Christopher Ando (Talbot Tagora), resulting in a vibe that cannot avoid being a product of its own environment. An environment explicated in distorted pre-grunge tendencies; misanthropic noisy aesthetics – hold the misanthropy; intricate and stuttering drum rhythms; and, in each of the three singers’ voices, a deep sentimentality implicated in the sonic distance and depth of their voices; these are songs of peace and power. While the influence of Faithful’s sound on can be traced back to PNW progenitors such as Beat Happening, The Wipers, Nirvana, et al, M. Women are not simply engaging with their music as a form of idol worship. In a cultural era obsessed with nostalgia, most artists with an eye toward the past aspire to place themselves upon the same mantle as their heroes, for M. Women’s sake, their aspiration is not to reproduce any particular aesthetic but to expand the sonic groundwork laid by their antecedents by creating a different road altogether. Edition of 300.

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