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Brace yourself for what we’re about to present to you; the new video for Michael Vidal’s “Dreams (Come Back To Me)” has officially dropped! This beautiful piece of footage was crafted by singular L.A.-based artist / Hesse Press CEO / dear friend Clare Kelly. A few words from Clare…

i made this video because of the brotherly love i feel for Michael. i met him when we were both 17 and he (as the lead singer in Abe Vigoda, before “skeleton”) was playing a wedding reception in Silverlake that I crashed. he’s an incredibly sensitive and powerful artist, and to me, his strength lies in his vulnerability. i feel like he’s always looking for “the truth” through his work, in a very earnest way, that sometimes sets him apart from other people, or the current time. he’s kinda old school. a romantic.

i crafted this video for his song “Dreams” as a meditation on some of the themes i hear/see in Michael: mostly the joy that is it is possible to feel in the transubstantiation / breakdown of binary systems. i tried to create a video that out-pictured some of the psychic struggles we all face when considering gender identity, love / power dynamics, the city and the garden: the vortex of Los Angeles also figures in, literally as a backdrop : a city of angels / illusions: it is where ridiculously expensive and often boring large scale hollywood content is produced, but it is also home to a multitude really amazing and considerate people and artists who often work for free or next to nothing: i hear Michael asking: how do we restore balance in our lives, in our world?

i was very grateful for the presence, energy, and knot-tying assistance given by Maria Garcia, who is a sound artist, performer, and co-director of MATA gallery, who works with me intensely to improvise live dance perfromances. here’s a link to a single-take alternative video of her improv dance style

Couple Skate Records are extremely excited to announce the signing of Los Angeles-based songwriter Michael Vidal. A culmination of a nearly-decade long friendship, we at C/S first met our friend Vidal back when he was blazing the Pacific coast (and beyond) in his old band; the legendary Los Angeles punk quartet Abe Vigoda. The product of a million trips up towards our zone of the Pacific Northwest, the Vigoda fam became a visiting staple of Seattle’s DIY community, a profound inspiration to us all. Conversely, their openness as artists and human beings opened up a gateway to Los Angelse, a place which has become something of a second home to us. After the eventual and unfortunate dissolution of AV, with Juan forming the trio Roses, and David joining Dunes – Vidal went out into the world on his own; stepping out of the combustible, hyper-color tropical punk of his former group, and onto his own into more pastoral, lush territory.

Dream Center is Vidal’s inaugural work, originally released onto cassette in 2013 from LA label Big Joy, reissued onto all additional formats from Couple Skate Records. The music of Dream Center is a wonderful and diverse spectrum of looping, beautiful guitar pop (featured on “Dreams” and “Appraisal”) that evokes the deeper emotional shades of the likes Blue Nile and Prefab Sprout, and crystalline instrumental pieces (“Mono No Aware”) reminiscent of Vini Reilly’s Durutti Column and the earlier days of Felt. All touchstones aside, the music of Vidal’s Dream Center is an impressionist paean to love, loss, and existence, an promising new beginning for a uniquely creative spirit. Stay tuned for more, “we’ve only just begun…to live.”

Dream Center is out June 9th on LP / CD / Digital through Couple Skate! Pre-orders are available now through our webstore and iTunes.