Current releases:

Sup! The boys in Weed have a new video out for ‘Actual Air’, off of their ‘Sing Nervous II’ tape (available exclusively on their forthcoming North American tour). The clip was crafted by one of our favorite creative minds, Chris Ando.

Weed – Actual Air from Couple Skate on Vimeo.

Also – our boys are back on the road this spring, leaving no timezone un-zoned. Say hi to them for us!

29 Vancouver BC – Antisocial Skate Shop with NĂ¼ Sensae, Peace

03 Seattle WA – Parnassus with So Pitted, and Dreamdecay
04 Portland OR – Discourage Records with Modern Marriage
05 Reno NV – Holland Project with Audacity
06 Oakland CA – World Rage Center with Gnivid Yppah
07 Las Vegas NV – Hellpop!
08 Flagstaff AZ – Fire Creek
09 Tucson AZ – Topaz with Prom Body, and Womb Tomb
10 Albuquerque NM – The Plant
11 Oklahoma City OK – Capital House with Glow God
12 Austin TX – Red 7 with Crooked Bangs
13 New Orleans LA – The Bakery
14 Memphis TN – Spottswood
16 Brooklyn NY – Shea Stadium with Laced
17 Brooklyn NY – Baby’s All Right with Audacity, and The Coathangers
18 Washington DC – Comet Ping Pong
19 Harrisonburg VA – Mymansion
20 Philadelphia PA – Golden Tea House with Amanda X
21 Annandale-on-Hudston NY – Bard College
22 Boston MA – Warehouse Show
23 Providence RI – Psychic Readings with Cool World, Mother Tongue, Fat Creeps
24 Syracuse NY – Enron Jr
25 Pittsburgh PA – The Shop
26 Detroit MI – Black Lodge
27 Ann Arbor MI – Totally Awesome Fest
28 Chicago IL – Animal Kingdom with The Funs, The Hecks, and Earring
29 Milwaukee WI – Ground Zero with Technicolor Teeth
30 Eau Claire WI – House Show

01 Minneapolis MN – House Show with We/Ours
02 Fargo ND – New Direction

Gang, good to see you! Got some big news, another document is on its way. Yes, the long awaited CS011 is landing in a few weeks. It’s contents contain music from one of our dearest PNW buds, Will Murdoch, aka Pill Wonder. We are near tears and beyond stoked to be presenting this to you! Some words & sounds below…
Pill Wonder – See You On The Cyan Shore by COUPLE SKATE RECORDS

‘Pill Wonder is the moniker of Seattle-based Will Murdoch. Years removed from his debut Jungle / Surf (Underwater Peoples), Murdoch has emerged from his creative hibernation with his second recorded document, ‘Shy Dogs’. In this new chapter of the Pill Wonder story, Murdoch abandons his guitar pop-confetti roots for the smiling warmth of the modular synthesizer and the pulse of analog drum machines. The collection of compositions found in ‘Shy Dogs’ employ the ostensibly ‘rational’ technology of electronic music as a means of illustrating the irrationality of nature.
In between his periods of creative free time and performance, Murdoch walks dogs, both for work and leisure, informing a recurring theme of his work; the serenity of one’s engagement of the natural world, and communicating with that which cannot be articulated. The nu-pastoralism of ‘Shy Dogs’ evokes an image of Haruomi Hosono’s Yen Records crowd in a creative exchange with Mark Isham’s seminal 80’s works. We at Couple Skate Records are ecstatic to be presenting this document to the world.’