Current releases:

Friends & family, your crew at Couple Skate have another Fall smash in the works, Lord by Seattle punks FF!

Lord is the debut from Seattle-based punks FF, a trio comprised of Claire Nelson, Harley Thompson, and Michael Abeyta. For the entirety of their nascent existence they have existed on the fringes of the fertile enclave that is the Northwest DIY underground, materializing a singular vision of gloomy, ethereal punk anthems along the way. This nascent collection of songs have now manifested themselves into Lord, out October 21st from Couple Skate!
We are ecstatic to share the first single, “Caught In A Dream”. Stream it below!

We are deeply ecstatic to announce our next release, Gone Banana by Seattle-based dreamers Mega Bog!

After 5 years and countless self-released tapes and CDs, Mega Bog – the brainchild of songwriter Erin Birgy – have arrived with their debut album and best work to date; a swirling pop cloud called Gone Banana, out September 23rd on Couple Skate. We are ecstatic to share the first cut from the album, “Year of Patience”. Stream it below!