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Aloha friends. Mega Bog have a new video out for the wonderful track “Wet Moss”, shot and directed by Erin Birgy herself over a year and a half long period. A beautiful love letter to the PNW ~ let it wash over you.

In equally wonderful news, the Bog are embarking on a massive North American tour, hitting up a number of iconic continental metropoles, scenic drives, provincial dream towns, and yes, even SXSW. Peep the dates below!


1 Olympia @ Sloppy Bitch School w/ Underpass, Girl Slime, Oak Body

2 Seattle @ Black Lodge w/ iji, TOPS, Chastity Belt

3 Vancouver BC @ Red Gate w/ OK Vancouver OK

5 Eugene @Wandering Goat w/ r.ariel, Giggles

6 Reno @ Loving Cup

7 Oakland @ Speakeasy w/ Little Angry, David Kanega

8 Santa Cruz @ Sub Rosa w/ Tyler Martin Reckless Chewer, Moonbeau

9 San Luis Obispo @ Disco Lemonade in 2k7 w/Ripe Mangos

11 Los Angeles @Pehrspace w/ Mo Dotti, Julius Smack, Michael Vidal

12 Phoenix @ Funny World w/ DOGBRETH, Amadou’s Crew, r.ariel

13 Flagstaff @ Flag Brew w/ Dragons, Ash Cashmere


18 Austin Critter Showcase w/ HOMESHAKE, Chastity Belt, Crosss, Juan Wauters

19 Austin “You’re Here” Showcase ** House show w/ HOMESHAKE ** Nashvillie Radio showcase

20 Austin She Shreds/Tom Tom Magazine showcase / “Wendy’sdays” Showcase

21 Austin “Wendy’sdays” showcase

26 Panama City @ Mosey’s w/ Jerry Riddle

27 St Augustine @ Planet Sarbez w/ Super Famicom

28 Savanna @ Hang Fire Bar w/ Curb Dogs, Beneath Trees

30 Athens @ Flicker Lounge w/ Strictly Rickli


1 Atlanta @ The Cleaners w/ Strictly Rickli, Warehouse

2 Birmingham @ BELOW at Doghead w/ Strictly Rickli, Holly Waxwing, LBTV™

3 Memphis @ Scottswood w/ Strictly Rickli

4 Nashville @ Queen Ave Arts w/ Strictly Rickli

5 Athens @ The Globe w/ Strictly Rickli, Dream Scene

8 Boone @ Espresso News (w/EZTV)

9 Baltimore @ TBA w/ EZTV, Thunderwerld, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat

10 BARD College w/ EZTV, Palberta, La Nola

12 Albany @ Tree House w/ EZTV, Slowshine

13 Montreal @ Drones w/ EZTV, Freelove Fenner, Moss Lime

14 NYC @ Shea Stadium w/ CE Schneider Topical, Big Eater

Friends & family, your crew at Couple Skate have another Fall smash in the works, Lord by Seattle punks FF!

Lord is the debut from Seattle-based punks FF, a trio comprised of Claire Nelson, Harley Thompson, and Michael Abeyta. For the entirety of their nascent existence they have existed on the fringes of the fertile enclave that is the Northwest DIY underground, materializing a singular vision of gloomy, ethereal punk anthems along the way. This nascent collection of songs have now manifested themselves into Lord, out October 21st from Couple Skate!
We are ecstatic to share the first single, “Caught In A Dream”. Stream it below!